Ever wanted to create some cool stuff in Photoshop? Here’s a quick tutorial that shows you how to create some fancy transparent edges that can be smooth, rough, liquid, whatever you feel like. Two examples:
Transparent Edges Effects

Image: Rift – Planes of Telara

1. StepOpen Photoshop
2. Step Open an interesting wallpaper like the one below from Rift. You can download our Rift Windows 7 theme if you want this particular wallpaper by the way.

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3. StepUse the Lasso tool (L) to create a random selection around the main object of the wallpaper
Creating Photoshop Selection

4. StepPress Shift + F and enter a Feather Radius of 15 pixels (you can play around with this for the perfect result)

5. Step Double-click on Background layer to unlock it:
Unlock Background Layer in Photoshop

6. StepNow, while the selection is still active in the background click on Add layer mask:
Add Layer Mask in Photoshop

7. Step You should have something like this now:
Transparent Edges in photoshop

8. Step Select the vector mask and right-click on it. Click on “Refine mask”:
Refine mask in Photoshop

9. Step Change the radius until you have some interesting edges, a good value might be around 70 – 90 for large images.
Refine mask radius, feather, smooth, contrast+

10. Step Play around with Smooth for smooth edges, with Feather for some shiny effects, with contrast for some rough edges. You’ll love this, that’s why I like Photoshop so much – simple ways to create cool effects.

End result could look like this:
Interesting Liquid Edges in Photoshop

Or this:
Rough Edges Photoshop

Would you like more Photoshop tutorials?

If you have any questions, feel free to post them below.