Ll_assessment_preview 150Px WEI aka the Windows Experience Index is a nice score to compare the capabilities of your PC with other machines but you have to update it after running it once

The Windows Experience Index assesses your hardware and software to compared to provide you with a base score, which is used for knowing the Windows usage experience. Higher base scroe usually means that Windows 7 would run faster on computers with better hardware and software configuration system than with systems running on lower specs. How you rate the Windows Experience Index would reflect your ability to use numerous features of Windows 7, like the Aero feature. Here is how to update or refresh the WEI:

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1. StepOpen Up Control Panel

Control Panel in Run

2. StepClick on Performance Information and Tools

Click on performance information and tools

3. StepClick on Re-run this assessment

Click on Re-run this assessment

4. StepYou should now be seeing this status window. Your screen would flicker a few times. It is always best to do nothing while the assessment is running in order to get the best possible results.

Assessment in progress