Widi Logo On Your Laptop_ll If you own Intel hardware you may already be familiar with Widi – it can be used to send HDMI signals from your PC via Wifi to your HDTV and works quite well on Windows 7 or 8. Let’s see what you need to make it work

Make Sure Your Laptop Is Compatible:

Before you start buying a receiver, make sure your laptop is actually Widi compatible. It should have this logo. If it does not, make sure the specs are right:

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Widi Logo On Your Laptop.png

Download Correct Drivers

1. Step Make sure to download the correct Wifi software for your Intel hardware. You may need IntelĀ® PROSet/Wireless Software and Drivers for Windows 7 which will also work on Windows 8 – Get them here

2. Step After that, you can use Intel’s driver tool to auto-scan your system and let them find the correct drivers for your system! Try it here

3. Step Alright, you should now have the correct drivers and and the Widi software require to send the HDMI signal to your HDTV, next you need to configure your HDTV to receive the signal. Obviously it needs to be compatible!

Buy Widi Adapter From Belkin

Belkin makes some cool Widi adapters that work smoothly:

Belkin ScreenCast TV Adapter for Intel Wireless Display

Once you have that receive and downloaded the correct drivers, Widi should work flawlessly on Windows 8

Still problems? Ask a question below or head over to qa.windows7themes.net