Download Windows 7 Godmode Here at we’re fascinated by the many possibilities of Windows 7. Creating a monster control panel or shortcuts to manage your wireless networks, your external devices or printers are only a few of the amazing things that you can do. You can now download a godmode package, including many shortcuts.

What is the Godmode package?

The following package is a zip file that includes a folder “godmodes”. Inside you will find many sub-folders and in each sub-folder another folder with some, at a first glance random, code. When you click on of the folders you will be redirected to whatever the folder is called, e.g. Devices and Printers. You can take the folder and put it somewhere else or pin it on your taskbar (via 7stacks).

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Download Windows 7 Godmode

Here’s a picture of all godmodes:(Ultimate Godmode is the Monster Control Panel)

Downloading Windows 7 Godmode Package