Uttam has written a great tutorial for all Photoshop addicts that explains how to feather in Photoshop. Read on!

preview-how to feather in photoshop

If you’re really into customizing your PC’s, you should also learn how to use Photoshop, because it opens up a lot of new ways to customize everything. This tutorial is intended for beginners, if you have used Photoshop before, then this shouldn’t be new

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Here’s how we can feather edges etc.

1. Step Open Photoshop program, click on the Start >> All Programs >> Adobe Design Premium CS5 >> Adobe Photoshop CS5.

step-1-how to feather in photoshop

2. Step Open the image that you want to feather and want to have a more softer appearance. To open the image, click on the File >> Open and select the file you want to open. Then click on the Open.

step-2-how to feather in photoshop

3. StepClick on the Magnetic Lasso Tool (Shortcut – L) and make a selection around the image. Pro tip: The polygon lasso tool requires some skills, but is a great tool to select an area

step-3-how to feather in photoshop

4. StepOn the menubar, click on the Select >> Modify >> Feather or just right click on the image and select Feather.

step-4-how to feather in photoshop

5. StepNext, increase the Feather Radius value to 10 pixels and click OK.

step-5-how to feather in photoshop

6. StepNow copy the selected image by clicking on the Edit >> Copy or just press Ctrl + C.

step-6-how to feather in photoshop

7. Create a new document by clicking on the File >> New and then OK.

step-7-how to feather in photoshop

8. StepPaste the copied image. To do this, click on the Edit >> Paste or simply press Ctrl + V.

step-8-how to feather in photoshop

9. StepFinally, you will see the feathered image being pasted in the document. That are the complete steps.

step-9-how to feather in photoshop



Using the feather option in Photoshop will make the borders around an image softer which then blends into the background.