If you want to find out how fast your USB device is, you don’t have to download fancy tools like CrystalMark, all you need is the command prompt to benchmark your USB device.

How fast is the USB device

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1. Step Open up the explorer and find the USB device, remember the drive letter

2. Step Open a command prompt and enter winsat disk -write -ran -ransize 524288 -drive H

If you want to increase the blocksize to see how fast your USB device is when you are writing larger files, change the value 524288. E.g. if you want to use 1MB instead, replace 524288 with 1048576 – You can use this calculator to calculate the correct bytes

Benchmark USB device with CMD

3. Step Patience. The test can take between 2 and 10 minutes. Even longer if you increase the block size

4. Step The number “Disk Random 512 Write” is what you are looking for. 2.00 MB/s is the actual result

5. Step The USB device can copy about 2MB per second.

6. Step Repeat the test if you want more reliable results, but the first test should already give you a clue how fast this device is.

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