Did you accidently change the screen resolution so that everything on your screen is too large and it doesn’t even fit on it? If so, here’s a short guide how to reset your resolution in Windows 7.

Reset resolution in Windows 7

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1. Step Turn off your computer
2. When it reboots, press F8 while it is starting. Hit F8 repeatedly after you hear the beep (signal that the motherboard is working).
3. Now, you should get some startup options like this.

Windows 7 Advanced Boot Options

Important: Some motherboards use another key for startup options. Please read our tutorial how to get into safe mode without F8

4. Step Select Safe Mode and hit Enter
5. StepYour computer will now start in safe mode and you can change your screen resolution
6. Step If you don’t know how to change your screen resolution in Windows 7, please read this guide that explains how to change your screen resolution the normal way, via shortcut or via registry:

How to change screen resolution in Windows 7