Some themes that you will be able to download from our site will change the mouse pointers of Windows 7. However, sometimes you might not want to use the mouse pointers of the theme but your very own pack of mouse pointers. How would you do that?

There’s an easy solution. The customization control panel has an option to that you can use to simply block the mouse pointers and disallow themes to change any mouse pointers at all!

Step by Step: Disallow Themes To Change Mouse Pointers

1. Step Simply right-click on your desktop and click on “Personalize”.

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2. Step Next, select “Change Mouse pointers” and uncheck the following option:

3. Step “Allow themes to change mouse pointers”.

Block Mouse Pointers
Block Mouse Pointers

Mouse Pointers Guide

If you were not able to find the mouse pointer options, simply read this short guide about Windows 7 Mouse Pointers.