About Config Firefox Fix_thumb4There are many toolbars out there and sometimes it’s a hassle to remove them. If you want to remove the Babylon toolbar from Firefox for example you have to modify the configuration

Define Your Own New Tab Website Like Google, Windows7themes.net, Facebook

1. Step Into the address bar of Firefox enter about:config (enter it into the same bar that you would normally type an URL / domain / website. Do NOT add a leading www – if you need to see that on a picture check step 3 at the top you can see it what it should look like)

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About Config Firefox Fix

2. Step Confirm the warning that you will be careful

3. Step Now enter another string into the search bar browser.newtab.url as seen below

Browser Newtab Url Babylon

4. Step Double-click on the bold entry, you will get this:

Babylon Toolbar Removal

5. Step Now simply enter another address like http://google.com that should open when you open a new tab. This can be whatever you want – since Google is one of the fastest site on the internet you may want to use that to avoid slow loading tabs

6. Step That’s it – you have successfully removed the Babylon toolbar from your Firefox “new tab” page