Blu Ray Playback And Watching 3D Blu Rays On Windows 7.Jpg If you want to know how to play Blu-Ray’s on your PC and watch the latest 3D Blu-Ray’s, check this out.

One of the problem with 3D Blu-Rays is that it requires a 3D-monitor. Let’s assume you have a PC monitor that supports 3D and want to watch 3D movies on your PC rather than your Home TV, then you’ll need the right software.

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1. Step Connect your Blu-Ray drive. A lot of Blu-Ray players ship together with some form of Blu-Ray software like Cyberlink’s PowerDVD. If you lost the DVD that came with your player go to and download a trial of PowerDVD. Yes, there are some free tools to watch Blu-Ray’s, but I found them to be very unreliable. I recommend to check VLC for the latest updates, because it is also capable of Blu-Ray playback.

Installing Blu Ray Player Suite2. Step Reboot

3. Step PowerDVD 9 was bundled with my drive:

Cyberlink Powerdvd 9.Jpg

4. Step I received the error Cyberlink PowerDVD is not optimized for this screen resolution, so I went ahead and downloaded PowerDVD 12 (the latest version)

Cyberlink Is Not Optimized For This Screen Resolution And Will Now Close

5. Step You have to register to use PowerDVD 12

6. Step When you insert a Blu-Ray for the first time you will be asked to select a region, you can only change this 5 times so make sure to select wisely

Select A Region For Bd Rom Playback

7. Step You might get a message “This content doesn’t support the use of a mouse, you can enable Cyberlink’s mouse solution:

This Content Doesnt Support The Use Of A Mouse

When you take a screenshot of a Blu-Ray you will only get a black screen, that’s because Blu-Ray’s are protected from easy ripping and other forms of replication. However, if you want to create a backup for personal purposes you are allowed to make a copy using programs like AnyDVD (supports Blu-Ray)

Taking Screenshots Of Blu Ray In Power Dvd

Watching 3D Blu-Ray using Anaglyph

If you have simple red/cyan anaglyph glasses at home and not a 3D display then you can use PowerDVD to watch the movie in 3D. This is a feature other software does not have.

Click on the 3D icon at the bottom, click on Display Device and select Anaglyph Red/Cyan Mode from the dropdown:

Anaglyph Red Cyan Mode Powerdvd

We’ll keep you posted on free software to watch Blu-Ray movies on Windows 7