Windows 8 Installation Failed We Couldnt Install Consumer Preview.jpg 1If you are trying to install Windows 8 and you get the error “We’re not sure what happened, but we couldn’t finish installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview”, then you should read this.

If you are upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Consumer Preview (not recommended) then you have two options. You can either burn Windows 8 using the ISO files and the Windows 8 USB DVD Download Tool or you can download the “web installer” that also provides the product key needed to activate Windows 8

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Please try installing Windows 8 Consumer using both options. If you get the same error, it is recommended that you create a new partition on your hard drive exclusively for Windows 8 – I also believe that the installation process cannot be customized, which means the installer will always try to install Windows 8 on C:/. It might be necessary (UNTESTED!) to change the drive letters and assign C: to an

1. Step Try to install again, using both options mentioned in the text above

2. Step Re-download the ISO

3. Step If possible try installing Windows 8 on a clean hard drive

4. Step Make sure you have over 20GB free disk space

What I did not like about the Windows 8 Consumer Preview installer is the fact that you cannot customize the installation path and by default it tries to install in C:/ – unless I’ve overlooked something when I used it.

We’ll look into this problem and let you know of a possible fix