Schedule Tasks_ll Scheduling tasks is simple enough in Windows 8 – you can easily schedule entire batch files that will work through as many commands at a time as you want, creating a completely automatized machine

Using The Task Scheduler To Schedule A Backup Batch

Search for schedule and click on Settings

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Schedule Tasks Search.png

1. Step On the left, click the item Schedule tasks

Task Schedule Manager Exe.png

2. Step Next, click on Create a Basic Task:

Create Basic Task.png

3. Step Next, you can enter a name – you can change this later – REMBMER THIS NAME

Task Name.png

4. Step When you want to the task to run? Select the recurrence pattern e.g. daily, weekly and so on – if you have a special batch file that you want to start whenever someone logs on you can do that here too

Task Time When To Schedule It.png

5. Step Now specify an exact date and time when to start and the recurrence time

Task Recurrence.png

6. Step You can choose from a variety of tasks, e.g. Start a program or batch file, send a mail to a friend or even display messages

Scheduled Action Start Program.png

7. Step Simply browse for the backup batch and double-click it – easy, huh?

Browse For Batch File Or Program To Schedule.png

8. Step Click Next, then Finish

9. Step Now scroll a little down to the field Active Tasks, select one task then hit the first letter of the name you remembered in step 3 on your keyboard e.g. “R” and it will jump directly to all tasks starting with this letter.

Run Backup Batch Task.png

10. Step Want to check the settings? Double-click the task and you can modify it or review the settings

You’re already done – wasn’t so difficult, right? If you still have questions, let us know