So, after watching our live stream this weekend, you might want to know how to stream games on Xfire on your own. With a few handy tools, you can play any game at a decent fps rate and broadcast to thousands of people at the same time.

How to stream Games on Xfire Online

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Streaming Games Online

0. Prerequisites: For this tutorial you will have to download and install

  • Xfire
  • VH Screen Capture Driver

Download Xfire here, download VH Screen Capture Driver here.

1. Step First of all, if you haven’t already started Xfire, do so now and log in with your Xfire account.

2. Step Next, go to “Options” – “Tools”:

XFire Options: Broadcast

Enable Broadcasting in Xfire

3. Step Go to the tab “Broadcast” and check “Enable Broadcasting”:

XFire: Streaming Options

4. Step If you want to broadcast sound as well, you should also check “Broadcast audio”, but if you do, you certainly install Virtual Audio Cable, which can help you to stream only specific sounds.

Enable Broadcast Xfire

Hotkey for broadcasting

5. Step Make sure to bind a hotkey for broadcasting, simply click on the hyperlink “key binding”. By default it will be ROLLEN + number. You should definitely change this to something else. I am using ALT + B for broadcasting.

Xfire “Webcam”

6. Step Go to the tab “Xfire In-game”. At the bottom you will see the entry “Webcam”. There you can select your recording device:

Xfire Webcam to stream games

Don’t buy WebcamMax, because VH MultiCam is all you need and it’s free! Select it from the dropdown if it’s not already selected.
Sidenote: Never start the VH Multicam and broadcast via Xfire ingame or your will most likely crash VH Multicam and your CPU load will go up dramatically.

Record Live Video + Broadcast Sound

7. Step Launch your game that you want to stream. Once you are ingame, you can now start your broadcast via your hotkey. If you want to record your broadcast, check the options “Record Live Video” and if you want broadcast sound also check the option “Broadcast Audio”. I would also give your broadcast a special name to draw more or less attention, for a test recording pick a simple name:

Start Xfire Live Stream

Go Live!

7. Step Confirm and you will be live or cancel if you want to prepare stuff.

Xfire Live Stream

8. Step Friends can watch your live stream at (replace yourusername with your user name). There you will also find all of your last live streams (yep, they will be recorded!).

So, now you know how to stream games on Xfire! If you want to stream on our site, let us know. We are still looking for some good players who would like to do the job!