Bengalilanguageadded 11N_ll If you want to add keyboard languages to Windows 7, you don’t have to do much,

In Windows 7, there are multiple languages for different users that operate the machine. When you install the OS, Windows 7 will ask you for a default language. This language is always used whenever you log in as administrator. But when another user logs in, he/she can set another language. In 6 steps you can quickly add new keyboard layouts / languages


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Steps to Add keyboard languages

1. Step Click on Start Button-> type input language and select Change keyboards and other input methods.

Input Language

2. Step Region and Language tab will open and select Change Keyboards.

Change Keyboards

3. Step Your default language is English, if you want to add new language click on Add.

Add Language

4. Step Select the language to add and check the boxes below.

Select Language

5. Step You can view the preivew. Now click Apply-> Click OK.

Preview Of keyboard Layout

6. Step The language is now available.

Bengali Language Added

Still having problems installing new keyboard languages? Let us know in the comments. This works very similary in Windows 8