Do you constantly receive the error kdbsync.exe has stopped working? Here are screenshots for the steps you have to take to fix this error.

Catalysts Install Manager

1. Step Hit CTRL + F and search Windows for Programs and Features

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2. Step Open it:

Open Programs And Features.png

3. Step Right-click on AMD Catalyst Install Manager and select Change

Change Catalyst Manager.png

4. Step Select Next, Uninstall Manager

Uninstall Manager.png

5. Step Now select the option Custom and click on Next (despite the message, nothing will be deleted yet)

6. Step You will see several components, select only AMD APP SDK Runtime and proceed

Component Selection.png

Update To Latest AMD Drivers

Always make sure you are running the latest drivers. There’s a good chance beta drivers may already address issues you’re having too unless it’s a really old error or video game but AMD is frequently issuing patches for recent games such as Everquest 2, Planetside 2 and so on.