Ever wanted to hear your computer talk to you? Follow these steps and it will start talking.

Making computer talk

How to make your computer talk in Windows 7

Windows 7 has a basic screen reader called Narrator that can read text on the screen. It can also describe some events like an error message appearing etc. You can also make it say anything you like by typing it in a notepad file. It reads aloud everything on the screen you are currently working on.

1. Step Go to start menu and click on Control Panel.

Control Panel

2. Step The Control Panel window appears. Click on “Ease of Access”.

Ease of Access

3. Step This will open the Ease of Access window. Now click on “Ease of Access Center”.

Ease of Access Center

4. Step Find  “Start Narrator” and click on it.

Start Narrator

5. Step That launches the Narrator window. Now your computer starts talking to you. You can turn off your monitor and use the keyboard without monitor and you’ll still be able to work. It will start reading aloud every button, checkbox, dropdown list or any menu for you. If you want it to talk what you type, simply open a notepad file and type your text – it will start reading that file aloud.

Narrator Window

6. Step You can also change the Narrator Settings by clicking on “Control whether Narrator starts when I log on” link.

Narrator Settings

The problem with Narrator is that it is not available in all languages. Therefore if your language is not available for narrator, the steps mentioned above may not work.