Do you have some pictures that you want to turn into a slideshow? If so, here’s a short guide that will teach you how to create a slideshow video in Windows 7 using a simple tool!

How to create slideshow in Windows

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The software that I recommend to create slideshows is called picture2avi. It’s a freeware that you can upgrade for additional features. This tool is even good for advanced users who want to use batch files to create multiple slideshows.

Slideshow maker for Windows 7:
Download Picture2AVI

Create slideshow video

Slideshow videos (avi) with audio:
You can even include audio files in your slideshow to make it a very entertaining multimedia experience.

Change framerate:
You can fully control the duration how long every picture will be shown in your slideshow.

Set slideshow framerate

Slideshow effects:
The best feature of pictures2avi is that you can add various transition effects just like you know it from video editing tools. This is pretty handy to create some cool slideshows without the need for an advanced video editing tool.

Transition effects include slide, swap, shapes, splits, twirls, fades and special effects.

Slideshow transition effects

Overall, this is an awesome tool to create slideshows in Windows 7. I’d recommend it to all beginners, because it’s very easy to use and allows you to create some really fancy slideshow with sounds, cool transition effects

Windows 7 Slideshow Desktop

Want a slideshow right on your desktop? Nothing easier than that! Windows 7 allows you to create slideshow themes, which will basically change your wallpaper every x minutes or x seconds (your choice).

1. Step Right-click on your desktop
2. Step Click on Personalize
3. Step At the bottom click on the hyperlink Desktop Background

Personalize Windows 7 Desktop Background

4. Step Select at least two pictures that you want to use for the slideshow desktop. To do that click on Browse and find the folder with all your pictures on your hard drive, e.g. C:\Users\yourusername\Pictures. It is important to select AT LEAST 2 pictures or there won’t be a slideshow on your desktop.

Make sure to check at least 2 of the pictures (little box in the left-top corner of every picture):

Slideshow pictures

5. Step At the bottom, select Stretch from the Position dropdown and select a time interval for the slideshow by selecting a time from the dropdown “Change picture every ..”:

Change slideshow picture every

IMPORTANT: Want a different time interval? This is only possible if you other software for the slideshow. Tools like XnView might be useful if you want to create slideshow with a different time interval.