Vimeo Window 8 Metro Vimeo is a video-sharing and discovery site that has a strong user base of artists and a discerning audience and it also has a Windows 8 app.

Vimeo Windows 8 Metro App

Vimeo offers a great alternative to the saturated and commercial approach of YouTube and those looking for great quality usually tend to prefer the smaller site over the (now) Google powered giant.

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The current Windows 8 Vimeo is a purely viewing app that should be treated more like a TV with focus on curated content and passive discovery instead of the active use that the website offers. So if you want search, you will have to use the web app. You also cannot upload any footage to Vimeo via the app. That is still to be done from the video.

What the app can do is allow you to rate the videos through star ratings and they also be saved for viewing later. And if you are following channels and groups, you can view their latest videos in your inbox. Right now you have limited viewing choices that are curated for you. There’s staf picks, Everything Animation, Independent Film Makers, Music Videos and some similar channels. The app is still in development and since Windows 8 itself is in Preview stage, the final version can only come out once the OS is released commercially.

Using the Vimeo is an absolute visual treat simply because the videos that are curated for these channels are generally of very high quality — both artistically and in terms of video definition. It is common to have extremely high quality videos and graphics available for pristine high definition viewing. The videos are presented in their own Metro like sideways flowing collection of tiles and it feels intuitive to just scroll through and click/tap on what you want to see.

The only problem is that some of the videos are indeed very high quality and sometimes the internet connection or the machine or both are slightly unprepared for some high quality videos. So you might experience stutters every now and then.