Desktop Gadgets is an exciting feature of Windows 7, and Windows 8. It enables the user to look at weather updates, stock updates, currency updates, and favorite program status updates live on the desktop without requiring a specific action.

Desktop Gadgets

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Desktop gadgets provide a quick and easy way to manage what gadgets you would be using on your desktop. You can add them to your desktop or uninstall them as per your requirements. Here is a detailed outline on how to make changes to your Desktop Gadgets.

1. StepOpen up Control Panel by typing Control Panel in Run.

Type Control Panel in Run and press Enter

2. StepClick Desktop Gadgets

Desktop Gadgets

3. StepOnce in Desktop Gadgets, you would be prompted by a list of all the available gadgets to be shown on your Desktop.

Desktop Gadgets

4. StepRight click any gadget and select Add to add that gadget to the desktop. See on the right of the different gadgts I have added following exactly the same method.