Third party developers have created an official universal language pack for Windows 8 to enable foreign language support on the Developer Preview version.

Free unofficial language packs for Windows 8

Windows 8 Now Available In Multiple Languages Thanks To Unofficial Language Pack

Windows 8 Developer Preview is only available in English. This creates a problem for those who want to try out the preview but cannot read English. Or those who want to use the OS in a different language. Microsoft has not released language packs and why should they, this is a developer version only.

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Nontheless, there’s now an enthusiast project to solve this problem. This project is creating unofficial language packs for Windows 8. They have released a language pack tool that allows you to install multiple languages into Windows 8. The tool currently provides language packs in Spanish, Italian and French. These languages are available for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Since these are just language packs, you are not likely to experience problems. However, you should always test such things before installing them on to your primary or other important machines. This is especially important because this is a non-professional release and has not been widely tested yet.

How To Install New Windows 8 Language Packs

To install one of the new language packs, you will have to first install the My WDP Universal Language Installer tool.The development site is called and the installer tool’s download link is available on the website.

Your next step is to download the language pack that you need. Pick the correct version for your system — 32-bit or 64-bit. Then run the language installer tool and load the language file you have chosen in to it. The click on the button and install the language file.

These language packs are actually repurposed Windows 7 language packs made to work on Windows 8. Which means the new parts of Windows 8 might not be fully translated. So make sure to test everything out before you start depending on it for your work.

With official Language packs from Microsoft nowhere on the horizon, third-party solutions such as these are the best bet you have right now.