Your router can assign local IP’s to your PC manually using the DHCP feature. It is possible to change the lease time of your DHCP so that your router will only assign a new IP every X hours.

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DHCP Renewal Time: When Your Lease Expires

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The DHCP lease time can be changed in your router configuration panel. Most frequently the configuration panel can be accessed by entering the default gateway e.g. or whatever IP your router is using. In some cases this can only be accessed from specific PC’s e.g. when the admin set up a MAC filter.

Open Router Configuration Panel And Check DHCP Settings

You will find a list of router brands on Wikipedia

Anyway, I can only give you some rough instructions here, because my router is not commonly used in the US/UK/India or whatever lovely place on earth you are from.

1. Step Download your router manual online or try to find it offline

2. Step Find the section that explains the DHCP and you should find some details about the exact location where to change the DHCP lease time

3. Step Change the DHCP lease time if it is too low and assigning a new local IP too frequently.

Keep in mind, a DHCP will try to give you the same local IP if it’s not currently in use.