If you want to assign a static IP in Windows 7, read this beginner tutorial for Windows 7.

preview-how to assign ip in Windows 7

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Steps to assign IP in Windows 7

1. Step Click on the Start >> Control Panel.

step-1-how to assign ip in Windows 7

2. Step Under Network and Internet, click on ‘View network status and tasks‘.

step-2-how to assign ip in Windows 7

3. Step Click on  ‘Change adapter settings‘ located at the left-hand side.

step-3-how to assign ip in Windows 7

4. Step Right click on Local Area Connection and select Properties.

step-4-how to assign ip in Windows 7

5. Step Select ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)’ and click on Properties.

step-5-how to assign ip in Windows 7

6. Step You can enter a static IP now. If you are using a broadband router, you need to know what IP your router is using for the network, e.g. However the field IP address should use an IP between 2-155 and make sure no one else is using the same static IP in your network.

In the second fieldset you can enter the static IP of a DNS provider e.g. GoogleDNS, OpenDNS, etc.

step-6-how to assign ip in Windows 7

If you have questions what static IP addresses you have to enter, post your questions below.