Similar to IE8, the IE9 also supports caret browsing. Here’s how you can disable or enable care browsing in IE9.
Enable Caret Browsing

What is caret browsing?

Caret browsing is actually a pretty useful feature, because it allows you to put a cursor inside the browser and move it with the keyboard arrows. If you currently don’t have a mouse plugged in, then caret browsing is a great help. Using caret browsing you can even “click” on buttons inside webpages using a keyboard.

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Enable Caret Browsing Once

If you only need caret browsing from time to time, use the shortcut F7 to enable caret browsing. For more useful shortcuts, check out this list of IE9 shortcuts

Enable or Disable Caret Borwsing For Each Tab/Window

1. Step Click on the gears icon at the top right
2. Step Click on Internet Options
3. Step Go to the tab Advanced
4. Step Find the section Accessibility at the top
5. StepCheck or uncheck Enable Care Browsing for new windows and tabs

enable caret browsing IE9