Microsoft has certain security checks in order to see if you’re Windows 7 is valid or not. Genuine Windows 7 Validation is quite an important task in order to get regular updates. Here is how you fix genuine Windows 7 validation errors.

1. StepGenuine Windows 7 errors can be because of a number of reasons. It is possible that you’ve not activated your windows properly. The most appropriate solution is to try and activate it properly.

2. StepMicrosoft Help and Support portal provides you with the link to local contact numbers that you can do in order to fix your Windows 7 Validation error.

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3. StepThe local contact numbers can be found at “”. Select your region.
How to Fix Genuine Windows 7 Validation?

4. StepRegional Support can easily be located through the platform. You will have the number of products available through Microsoft for Specific Product.
How to Fix Genuine Windows 7 Validation?

5. StepDrop down the menu from Windows section and select Windows 7 for specific support about Windows 7.
How to Fix Genuine Windows 7 Validation?

Windows 7 Validation is simple if you are certain that you’ve the original copy of Windows 7. All you need to do is to follow the steps above. May you need further help with this, please write to us using the form below and we’ll get back to you.