To learn how to factory reset Windows 8 read this tutorial for beginners!
How to Factory Reset Windows 8

Introduction to Factory Reset

Microsoft Windows 8 Developers Preview is the latest operating system that is about to be released by Microsoft. It is a client operating system that can be connected to a network, both peer-to-peer and client/server, in order to be used in both home and production environments.

One feature that is introduced in this latest release of Microsoft Windows is Reset which allows users to reset the entire operating system to its default configuration. When Microsoft Windows 8 computer is reset all its configurations are automatically rolled back to the default state so that all manually configured settings are neutralized. This configuration is useful when users want to dispose off their PCs or they want to sell them as used entities to any organization or any individual.
Whatsoever the case is, if as a Windows 8 user you want to reset your computer you can follow the steps given below:

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1 Power on your Windows 8 computer and repeatedly press F8 key on the start screen.
2 On Choose an option window click on Troubleshoot option.
Click on Troubleshoot Option
3 On Troubleshoot window click on Reset your PC option to continue.
Click on Reset your PC Option
4 On Reset your PC window click on Next button to restart your PC and prepare for reset.
Click on Next Button to Continue
5 After reboot, on Reset your PC window choose an account credentials of whom you want to use to reset your PC and on the next screen provide the password for the selected account.
Click on Administrator Account and Provide Password
6 On the next screen insert Windows 8 installation media when displayed.
7 On the appeared screen choose the desired option as necessary (All drives in this example).
8 On Ready to reset your PC window click on Reset button to start the process.
Click on Reset Button