Today I ran into a strange problem, I received an error because my clock wasn’t synchronized after I changed it to PST (Pacific Standard Time)

How to synchronize the time with Windows time server

If you don’t synchronize your time, you might run into problems. Some programs also use the time synchronization as a security feature, more about that later. First, let’s synchronize the time with the Windows time service in Windows 7:

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1. Step Click on the date and time in the system tray to enlarge the clock

2. Step Click on the hyperlink Change Date and Time settings:

Change date and time settings

3. Step Go to the tab Internet time. It will most likely say that your time is not synchronized:

Time not synchronized

4. Step Click on Change settings

5. Step The default time server is – select from the dropdown if you have problems

6. Step Click on Update now to synchronize your time with an official time server

7. Step It should now say that the clock was successfully synchronized. If you have problems, try all time servers!!

The clock was successfully synchronized

As I mentioned earlier time synchronization is a security feature for some programs like the CloudBerry S3 explorer and many other programs as I mentioned here: Amazon S3 Time synchronization problems

If you simply change the time on the clock without actually changing your time zone, you will get this “not synchronized problem”.