I was wondering what the fastest browser for 2012 is. The result is unexpected.

fastest browser for 2012


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If you want to find out what the fastest browser is, you need a benchmark. My benchmark was Futuremark’s Peacekeeper (peacekeeper.futuremark.com)

Browser Benchmark Results

The results? (higher score is better)

This benchmark is not representative, but you can do your own benchmark at peacekeeper.futuremark.com and find out what the fastest browser is for your PC.

The results also underline that Chrome and Opera are a lot faster than the current market leaders Internet Explorer and Firefox. But it’s not all about speed nowadays. Stability and plugins/extensions matter a lot. You can download countless extensions for Chrome and Firefox probably has the most extensions of ALL browsers. Internet Explorer 9 is a very secure browser with great rendering capabilities.

Best Browser For Browser Games?

Yes, the fastest browser for 2012 are Chrome and Opera, but from my point of view every browser has their own unique advantages. Simply do some tests of your own and link browser to different activities.

  • IE9/Chrome – browser games
  • Opera/Chrome – general browsing
  • IE9/Chrome – banking
  • Firefox – extensions

Of course, this is only a suggestion. In the end, it’s up to you and what you expect from a browser. If it’s only speed then go for the fastest browser out there!