If you are using IE11 regularly, here are some IE shortcut keys that you should know.

Internet Explorer 9 Shortcut

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ALT IE11 Shortcut Keys

Alt+C Favorites & Feeds
Alt+X IE9 Tools
Alt+Left Last IE9 History Entry
Alt+Right Next IE9 History Entry
Alt+M Goes to IE9 homepage
Alt+N Change focus in IE9 to notification bar

The following shortcuts are very handy for web developers:
Alt+5 Shortcut to force IE 5 rendering mode.
Alt+7 Shortcut to force IE 7 rendering mode.
Alt+8 Shortcut to force IE8 rendering mode.
Alt+9 Shortcut to force IE9 rendering mode.

CTRL IE11 Shortcut Keys

Ctrl+D Shortcut to add site to IE9 favorites
Ctrl+B Manage IE9 favorites.
Ctrl+K Duplicates current IE9 tab
Ctrl+J Opens IE9 Download Manager.
Ctrl+Alt+P Opens so called InPrivate browsing session.
Ctrl+L Changes focus to address bar (URL will be selected)
Ctrl+Tab (same as windows key + tab (switches between windows).
Ctrl+Shift+L – Special shortcut to load URL in clipboard or if it is text, it will search for it online

F1-12 IE11 Shortcut Keys

F12 Opens IE9 developer console.
F5 Refresh shortcut.
F11 Full screen shortcut.
F7 Caret browsing (keyboard navigation)
ESC Stops website loading.

If you know any other useful shortcuts for the IE9, post them below. I will add a printable list of the shortcuts shortly.