This article will help you to understand how to create a new account, other than the administrator in order to access your PC/Laptop using Windows 7.

Multiple Accounts For Families

Many people practice the managing of multiple accounts, especially in big families where each member has their own user accounts in order to safeguard their privacy. However, the existence of multiple accounts does not negate the Administrator account.

The process of creating is very simple. Windows 7, by default has two accounts- the Administrator account and the Guest account. The Guest account is however turned off by default and can be used only after its activation. Apart from these two accounts, Windows 7 allows its users to create more accounts.

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Step By Step

1. Step In order to create a new account, you need to go to start menu and open the Control Panel folder. In the Control Panel folder, click on the ‘User Accounts’ option.
 User Accounts

2. Step The following window appears
User Account Window

3. Step Click on the ‘Manage another account’ option in order to create a new account. The following window appears on the screen.
Manage another account

4. Step Click on the ‘Create a new account’ option. The following window will appear on the screen.
Create New Account

Type an account name in the name-box and select the type of account that you wish to create.

There are two types of accounts- a standard user, who has the authority to access certain programmes and softwares and some authorized documents from other users but cannot modify any settings created by the Administrator account.

The other kind of account is an Administrator account which gives complete access of the computer to the user and dictates on the settings of the other Standard users. However, both the account types can be protected with a password. After selecting the account type, click on the ‘Create Account’ button and a new account will be created.