If you want to get rid of FrostWire, learn how to uninstall it here.
How to uninstall FrostWire?

Peeer-to-Peer file sharing has become increasingly popular over recent times and people from around the world are using such applications. FrostWire is from amongst the huge list of software available and has been built on the Limewire Source Code. The application is written in Java Programming Language. Uninstalling FrostWire is a concern for many computer users around the world; here is how you do it.

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1. StepGo to Start Menu and locate “Control Panel” from the list. Click on Control Panel.
Start Menu Screenshot

2. StepFrom the program section, locate “Uninstall a Program” and click it.
Control Panel Screenshot

3. StepThe Uninstall a Program utility in Windows 7 will give you a list of all software installed and registered in the System’s Registry.
List of programs installed

4. StepLocate “FrostWire” from the list of programs installed and click on the “Uninstall/Change” button on the top panel.
FrostWire amongst the list of Applications installed

5. StepThe Uninstall wizard will pop up automatically with an explanation to the Uninstall Wizard.
Uninstallation Wizard

6. StepYou will be asked to locate the directory of FrostWire from the Program Files folder. Hit “Uninstall” and leave the rest to the wizard.
Locating FrostWire

7.The uninstallation wizard will remove all files associated with FrostWire and the installation is complete!!
Uninstall Complete

Just in case you need further help with uninstalling FrostWire, drop us an email through the contact form below and we’ll hit back with you.