Preview Mbr Successful_thumb.jpg 1Sometimes the MBR might get corrupted or damaged. Then in that case you may want to fix the MBR. In this tutorial, we are showing you how to fix the mbr in Windows 8.

Tip: If the steps below do not work you may want to check your PC for a MBR virus infection

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Steps to fix MBR

1. Step Start your computer and Insert Windows 8 DVD. Make sure you have already your boot order to boot from DVD. Then click on the Repair your computer.

Repair your Computer

2. Step Next, Click on the Troubleshoot.

Choose Options

3. Step Next, click on the Advanced options.

Advanced Options

4. Step Next, click on the Command prompt.

Command Prompt to fix mbr

5. Step Next, in the Command prompt, type ‘bootrec.exe /fixmbr’ and press Enter.

Type in Command Prompt

6. Step Finally, you will see the message ‘The operation completed successfully’.

mbr successful


Usually the MBR gets damaged or corrupted after a cold-start of your PC. Follow the steps provided in this tutorial to fix the MBR in Windows 8.