Basic Mode Windows 7 Themes Ever noticed that some themes on DeviantArt are optimized for “Basic Mode“? Does that mean you can not run them on Windows 7 Professional? No, here’s how to use them.

Basic Mode is the name of the mode without Aero enabled. So, basically if you disable Aero you enable the basic mode, but there’s a special theme exactly for that purpose.

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Anyway, here’s how to get the Basic Mode theme enabled:

1. Step Open the Personalization Control Panel via right-click on your Desktop, then left-click on Personalization:

Personalization Control Mode

2. Step Scroll down until you see the list of Basic and High Contrast Themes

Enable Windows 7 Basic Mode

3. Step Click on Windows 7 Basic and now you can see why it’s called Basic Mode. Your shell will no longer be transparent, but it’s sometimes easier on the eyes because the contrast is a little higher. For even more contrast use the mentioned high contrast theme.

Windows 7 Basic Themes With Non Aero Non Transparent Caption Bar

Download Basic Themes

Windows 7 Basic Theme

Grab various Basic Mode visual styles