If you are looking for a USB serial controller driver for Windows 7, download this one.

USB Serial Controller Prolific

When you look at the device manager and it lists a “USB Serial Controller” under “Other devices” you currently don’t have the correct USB serial controller driver installed on Windows 7. However, you also need to make sure you are using the correct cable to connect your USB device. Some special USB devices require an USB-to-Serial Comm Port (COM3) adaptor. The market leader Prolific has all the drivers that you need for this USB serial controller.

However,some card readers use very familiar cables (look almost identical), but they will not work.

1. Step Download the USB serial controller driver from Prolific’s website:
USB Serial Controller Prolific_DriverInstaller_v130.zip (Download Mirror for Driver)

2. Step Extract and install

3. StepConnect your USB device and Windows 7 should automatically install the USB controller:

USB Serial Controller Driver Windows 7

To use my USB 2.0 card reader from Hama I simply needed another cable. But to use my Omnima LCD display on Windows 7, I needed the USB serial controller driver from prolific. I hope this helps someone to install and use their USB devices.