Want to pimp your NET app and add some nice icons and pictures to your GUI? Using Visual Studio Express 2012 makes it really easy

1. Step Open your project

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2. Step Click on View and then select Toolbox:

Open Visual Studio Express Toolbox.png

3. Step Next, uncollapse Common Controls

4. Step Select PictureBox and drag it onto your app GUI:
Adding Picture Box To App.png

5. Step Alright, now resize the Picture Box to fit in nicely on the GUI:
Picturebox On Gui.png

6. Step On the right pane while the PictureBox is selected scroll down until you find BackgroundImage- click on the three dots that appear when selecting this item

Adding Background Image.png

7. Step Import a picture

8. Step Should look like this now:

Imported Resource File.png

9. Change the BackgroundImageLayout From Tile To Center