BB_Edit1 There are a variety of effective text editor on the market today like Textwrangler. A free program that offers great editing flexibility, Textwrangler offers spell check, a find and replace function and numerous options for reformatting text.

Textwrangler is, however, not the only program that works well for editors, programmers, code writers and web designers.

1) BBEdit


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A powerful text editor, BBEdit features a top quality array of tools for sorting, searching, editing, transforming and manipulating text. It is an especially useful and effective program for software and web developers, and it can be used with over 20 programming languages. The product is not free, and it does not feature a color palette. Users have reported occasional crashes that can be annoying and time consuming to work around.

Official Site:

2)TED Notepad


TED Notepad is a free, portable text editor that works with Microsoft Windows. It has a number of advanced editing features like line completion and selection jumping. It also includes a wide range of text-processing tools, text clipboards and a variety of hotkeys. TED Notepad is a fast program that allows users to choose background color. Unfortunately, users have to work on a single document only, can’t change the font size or text color and cannot underscore. For editors, however, it is a highly effective program.

Official Site:

3) NoteTab


Another free text editing program is NoteTab. It was one of the very first text editors capable of editing several open documents on different tabs. Featuring more than 90 commands, NoteTab is able to customize documents, and features an extremely fast search and replace feature that works well even with large files. The product boosts a large range of advanced functions for experienced editors. Users are charged for upgrades, and since NoteTab has been around a long time, it does not sync with the Cloud. Even though there are limited font choices available, and the bookmarks are not permanent, NoteTab is an excellent program.

Official Site:

4) Komodo Edit


Komodo Edit is a popular text editor that is also free and works with a wide variety of programming languages. A number of extensions are available including pipe features, a functions list, user interface enhancements and additional language support. Komodo is used most often to create projects. It includes a search and replace feature, column mode editing and syntax highlighting and correcting. On the downside, the program takes up a lot of memory, does not retain search options and there are not a lot of font options. All in all, it is an effective program.

Official Site:

5) PSPadEditor


Designed with programmers in mind, PSPad Editor can edit in many different languages, and can skillfully handle many project formats and save and edit multiple files. The semi-portable software is ready to run right out of the package. It includes support for multiple syntax highlighting profiles, and also has a spellcheck option, auto-completion and code explorer. It does, however, not work well with extremely large text files, and has limited support for Unicode. Nevertheless, PSPad is a solid text editor.

Official Site:

New text editors hit the market every year, and it is the savvy editor who strives to stay up-to-date on all the latest technology. Editing jobs are made easier with the various text editors available today.