What Flash Files Are Loaded_thumb.jpg 1If you want to know what kind of flash elements are in your cache when you visit certain websites, you should definitely consider downloading VideoCacheView.

Tip: If you want to know what’s going on behind the screen, you should download tools to monitor your browser cache or your internet connection. To monitor your connection commands like netstat or tools like Wireshark are great for monitoring connection attempts, more about that in an upcoming tutorial.

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VideoCacheView is very easy to use and makes finding flash URL’s really easy, even for beginners.

1. Step Head over to nirsoft and download VideoCacheView

2. Step After the download and installation, you can see what flash files are being loaded, simply keep the program open while you visit websites

You can then see various flash elements pop up:

What Flash Files Are Loaded 1

Like application/x-shockwave-flash or audo/mpg content. The full URL is being displayed. You will be surprised to see how many flash files are being downloaded when you visit a single website. Due to advertising, there will be loads of .swf files

If you are for example looking for the stream of a radio it might be helpful to inspect the files. Using the Options menu you can show only specific types of content like audio, video, pictures, swf, etc. – simply uncheck whatever you are not interested in.

I hope this will help someone to find out more about the flash content in your cache.