Do you have multiple monitors and want to stretch your wallpaper across 2 or 3 screens? Then follow this guide and download our dual-monitor wallpapers!

Stretch Over 2 Screens Using 3rd-Party Tools

1. Step If you don’t mind downloading a free tool, head over to and grab a copy of DisplayFusion 7.1

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2. Step After installing the program right-click on your desktop and click on DisplayFusion -> Desktop Wallpaper
Opening Display Fusion

3. Step Now you can set your desktop wallpaper either for each monitor separately or you can stretch a single wallpaper no matter what size across multiple monitors.

Span Wallpaper Across 2 Screens

4. Step As you will surely notice if your wallpaper is too small it will be blurry and pixelated due to the extrapolation. To avoid that open Photoshop and either Photoshop to resize it (which will result in less blurred pixels) or find a really large image via Google that you can use.

We have some dual-monitor wallpapers on our site that are perfect for this

Stretch Over 2 Screens Using Windows 8

Another possibility is to simply use the built-in wallpaper tool, but instead of setting it to Stretched, make sure to use the option “Title”.

The results from this are mediocre because tile will endlessly repeat your wallpaper and will appear cut-off, that’s why I do not recommends.

1. Step Open the Personalization Control Panel

2. Step At the bottom click on Wallpaper

3. Step Now change it to “Title”:

Set Background Position To Tile To Stretch