Corrupt profiles often lead to a reinstall, but it’s possible to fix corrupt user profile in Windows 7 or 8 – follow our guide to get this done in a few steps

Add a new user preview

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Corrupt dll files and profiles have always been a big issue in all versions of Windows, with Windows 8 being no exception at all. A user profile is the settings you have customized for your system to work the way you want.

These settings are for printers, video card, display, background, screen savers, etc. Every profile is custom made by the user the way he/she likes it. If you encountered an error logging to your Windows 8 stating that your profile is corrupted, there are a myriad of ways in which you can fix it. The best and simple solution is to just create a new profile and copy the files from previous profile to the new one once created. Here is how to do that.

1. StepSearch for User Accounts in Metro Start Menu. On the left hand side, you would be shown a list of options. Click on Add or remove user accounts to add a new user account to Windows 8

User account search

2. StepA new window of Manage Accounts should pop up. Click on Add a new user in PC settings to add a new user to Windows 8.

Add a new user

3. StepClick Add a new user. You can also control the way your profile shows a unique appearance including desktop backgrounds, screen savers and many other options located on the left side under Personalize.

Add a new user options

4. StepYou would now be prompted to type in your email address to create a new user account. Since it isn’t required to type in email address to create an online account, click on Don’t want this user to sign in with a Microsoft Account?

Add new user

5. StepClick Local Account

Click Local Account

5. StepEnter the new user name, password or password hint that you want and click Next.

Add a user

6. Step Now click Finish

Add a new user Click Finish

7.Now go to your current profile, copy all of the data and paste in the new profile. Now log off and log on with the new profile you have created. This should fix the issue.

User accounts