There is a lot of room for more buttons in the caption of every windows. If you want to add new buttons, other than the close/minimize/maximize buttons use this free tool. FREEWARE of the week!

New Caption Buttons

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The freeware tool is called eXtraButtons. It works with all Windows versions (yes XP too). By default, eXtraButtons will add a couple useful new buttons, but you can change them all.

Head over to to download this free tool.

Here are the default buttons:

New Explorer Buttons

As you can see eXtraButtons adds a lot of nice buttons. If you want to minimize apps to the tray or change the transparency of a windows, this is the perfect tool. Also if you don’t want to use shortcuts to open another instance of program (Shift + click on taskbar icon opens another instance of a program)

Add Hotkeys To Caption Buttons

Caption Buttons Hotkeys

A great feature of eXtraButtons is that you can add hotkeys to all caption buttons. So if you always wanted a shortcut to minimize programs to the Windows tray, use this tool!

Ideas For Paid Version

It’s an awesome freeware. However, I would gladly pay for advanced features like adding custom commands and buttons to the caption bar. That would truly be a game-changer.

Supports Windows 7 Themes

Best of all, it supports all Windows 7 themes: Aero, Basic, Blue, Silver, Classic

Supports Windows 7 Themes

Explanation: What is the common tray?

The common tray is the tray with apps that you use frequently. You can move all apps from the tray to the common tray. The common tray is often deactivated.

This is the common tray.
Common Tray

When you click on the arrow icon you will open the actual tray.