Cbs Log Check_ll You’re wondering why you can’t open a certain file or log file? It’s possible you have to take ownership or you can use an elevated cmd prompt

Use Command Prompt To Check CBS.log

The CBS log file includes all DLL file that the sfc.exe could not successfully repair. In this case you may have to use your Windows 7 DVD to repair the files, but first lets find out what files the file checker was not able to repair

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1. Step Open an elevated command prompt

2. Step Enter findstr /c:"Cannot" CBS.log|more

Cbs Log Check

3. Step If the command prompt does not show you anything, you’re fine, SFC.exe had no problems repairing your DLL files. However, it’s possible that you will find numerous reports of DLL files that are corrupt and couldn’t be repaired in that case continue with step 4

4. Step Insert your Windows 7 DVD and reboot

5. Step When asked if you want to boot from DVD press a key

6. Step Follow the on-screen instructions and click “Repair Windows” or similar

7. Step Let the installer check your Windows installation and it will automatically repair all broken files

This should be it – if you’re still experiencing problems, we recommend that you do a fresh install