Locating String In Text File_ll Locating strings is easy using notepad++, but sometimes it’s more practicable to use the command prompt to locate strings, here’s how to do that

1. Step Open the command prompt (enter cmd.exe into the search bar)

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2. Step Enter findstr /c:"String" %path%\to\file\file.txt |more

3. Step Here’s an example:

cd D:\
cd D:\test
findstr /c:"random" file.txt

Locating String In Text File

This method works great to find any string in a file

It’s particularly useful whenever you want to find a string in a file that is acces-protected e.g. you need elevated permissions to access it. Instead of taking ownership of that file you can open an elevated command prompt and then use the command findstr /c to locate a string in the protected file