Shortcut to screensaver Windows 7 If you have restored the show desktop icon, you might also want to make a shortcut to your screensaver. Of course, the screensaver will automatically start after a few minutes, nonetheless it might be handy to have a shortcut.

Create Desktop Shortcut to Screensaver

1. Step Create a new shortcut on your desktop.
2. Step Right-click on the shortcut and click on Properties
3. Step As the Target enter the full path to the screensaver that you want to launch, e.g. %systemroot%\system32\Bubbles.scr /s

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Screensaver Shortcut on Desktop

4. Step Replace Bubble.scr with the name of your screensaver.

Tip: All screensavers are located at C:/Windows/system32/ – enter Bubble to jump to the Bubble.scr and then click on sort by type at the top

5. Step Change the desktop shortcut icon. I used a blank icon and moved the icon so that only half of it is visible:

Shortcut to Screensaver Blank

Don’t like the arrow? You can download a blank desktop icon here, that also allows you to remove the shortcut arrow in Windows.

List of Windows Screensavers:

Replace Bubble.scr with one of the following screensavers if you don’t like the Bubble screensaver:

  • Mystify.scr
  • PhotoScreensaver.scr
  • Ribbons.scr
  • ssText3d.scr (3D Text screensaver)
  • scrnsave.scr (blank screensaver)

Aurora Screensaver

If you want to customize the default screensaver in Windows 7 read our guide: How to customize Windows 7 screensaver

Windows 7 Aurora Screensaver

Should you miss the Aurora screensaver that you might know from Vista, get it here:  Download Aurora Screensaver for Windows

Create More Shortcuts

Want to create even more useful shortcuts?