Preview Tweakslogon Change Windows7 Background_ll Windows 7 has quite a lot of customization options, but if there’s one thing that’s lacking, it’s the ability to change the logon wallpaper.

Changing the Windows 7 logon wallpaper/background

It may not seem like much, but changing the logon screen background can really spruce up Windows 7 – it’s what you see first when you power up your computer, and a lot of people see it way more often than they probably should. Changing it is literally a matter of a couple of clicks with TweaksLogon Changer.

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How to change your Windows 7 logon wallpaper

If you’ve ever wondered how to do that and did some searching, you may have come across the hard way, which included editing the registry, editing special files and placing specially made images into a special folder. That can put off even the most advanced of users, but you don’t have to do it that way anymore. Here’s how to do it in a few simple steps with TweaksLogon Changer:

Step 1. Download the utility from the official download page: . Don’t use CNet, as they want you to install their own downloader, which is just slow and bordering on spyware. Instead, click the “Download from” link right below the CNet button logo:

Download TweaksLogon directly from

Step 2. Place the program file in a convenient folder and open it by simply double clicking it.

Open TweaksLogon Changer

Step 3. The operation is very simple – just click on the “Change Logon Screen” button on the main window, then select your desired image and click open. If it says the file is too large, just click OK, it will automatically resize it. Then click OK on the next two windows and voila, you’ve got a new logon background!

Select logon background and open it to set it

You can click on “Test” to see your new background or “Revert to Default Logon Screen” to revert to the default image.


TweaksLogon Changer is a pretty awesome little tool if you like to customize your system as much as possible. Sure, it doesn’t change the password field/button and the user avatar frame, but by just changing the background can make a huge difference, especially if it’s adapted to your specific avatar image.