Runtime errors are nasty errors and most often the result of poor programming or incompatibility with a recent Windows version. Here’s what you can try to fix runtime errors nonetheless.


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If you have recently purchased a program that is now getting runtime errors, try to contact the developers of the program and send them your error report, possibly including any log files that the program creates. But before you do that it is a good idea to re-install the program completely to exclude the possibility of file corruption

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What Are Runtime Errors

Runtime errors are critical errors that result in immediate termination of the program and cause file corruption. After receiving your first runtime error, do not continue to work with the affected programs to avoid possible data loss. Runtime errors are most often the result of poor programming, sometimes not even of the core program but of any add-ons you may have installed recently. In that case, the most simple solution to fix the error is to disable any newly installed tools. Think twice before continuing. Thank you.

Run Time Error ’91’ – Object Variable or With Block Variable Not set (Microsoft Visual C++ and VB)

Programmers: Always declare correct variables and create correct instances to avoid runtime errors. In Visual Basic it is important that you use the Set operator for object creation.

Programs that are best known for runtime errors are compiled by Microsoft Visual C++, a programming language for the Windows operating system, but VB Dot Net applications have the same errors. Let’s say a programmer performs a calculation, but forgot to declare some variables and divides a number by zero – this will most likely result in a runtime error and terminate the program, resulting in immediate loss of any program data stored in memory. Data that had been stored on the disk before that point will be recoverable e.g. save stores or similar.

5 Steps To Fixing Runtime Error on Windows

All Windows versions are affected by runtime errors. No matter what version you are on, 7,8 or 8.1 are all affected because it is caused by either bad programming, file corruption, permission issues.

Make sure to read the error message correctly. Does it say anything about “permission denied”? If so, you need to start the program with elevated administrator rights

1. Step Re-install the program

2. Step Verify you have not made any recent changes to your system or enabled any add-ins, plugins or other tools

3. Step Disable any firewalls, antivirus tools and similar programs

4. Step Make sure you have enough disk space!

5. Step Contact the developers

How Can I Fix Runtime Errors Without Contacting The Developers?

Ok, let’s say you have re-installed the program, you have verified that you did not make any changes to your system recently (have you?!) and that no antivirus or firewall is blocking the program, then there is another solution if you don’t have time to contact the developers

6. Step Create a new user account. If there is a corrupt registry entry or similar, it is possible although highly unlikely that this is causing issues. By creating a new user account you can avoid such problems.

7. Step Step 1 did not work? Ok, let’s now go one step further. Download Oracle’s VirtualBox or any of our top 5 alternatives to VirtualBox and download a VHD of Windows 7 (if you are on Windows 8). If you are on Windows 7, get a VHD of Windows 8 or Ubuntu.

It is possible that the program is incompatible with your Windows version or that a recent upgrade of the program has made the program incompatible. Many programs download updates without your permission and knowledge. Therefore, it is a good idea to test other operating systems.