The best Software applications make life easier and Phrase Express is a great app for automating repeated actions and phrases. Here’s a quick guide on how to get started with this free application.

Why Phrase Express Is Useful

If you find yourself producing documents or in conversations that involved a lot of repetitive phrases and lines of text than an application like Phrase Express is bound to make your life a little easier.

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Taking cues from the autocomplete feature more often found (and misused) on phones – Phase Express learns your habits and helps to adjust to your specific needs.

Below you will learn how to apply this useful application into your everyday life and make communication simple and effective.

1 – Where To Download Phase Express

Go to and hit the Download Now button. There are both PC and mobile editions of the software available. After the file is downloaded, unload and install the program on to your device of choice.

On PC, Phrase Express should appear in your taskbar. If not, run the program and it will appear in your task bar.

2 – Getting Started With Phase Express

Right-click the Phrase Express icon and select Edit Phrases. A pop-up window will appear. Here you will see the Phrase Express database, where all the phrases this program knows is kept.


You can also download plug-ins with completed phrases and code from to increase the program’s vocabulary and punctuation functions when in use. This is regularly updated so should come in handy if you notice anything lacking.

3 – Adding New Folders in Phase Express

Select New Folder in the pop-up window. Here you will title a folder for your custom phrases. In the Description box, you will enter the file name for your phrase. In Phrase Content, you will enter the word or phrase as you would like it to appear in conversations. Grammatical rules here apply as you see fit.


Below your phrase you will see Autotext, where you can see the suggested, or create your own short-hand reference for your newly created phrase. Click ok.

4 – Where You Can Use Phase Express

When using instant messengers, comment boxes, or word processors, you can enter your Autotext phrase, and your unique phrase will appear in the place of that Autotext phrase.

Phase Express comes in handy in loads of situations and the more comfortable you get with this handy piece of free software the easier mundane tasks become!