When you hear your PC working in the background although you are doing nothing at all have you ever wondered what is is doing? Often, your PC is only doing some scheduled tasks, but it can also be a virus or something that is working in the background. If you want to know for sure use this free tool.

Free Download

Download WhatIsMyComputerDoing via itsth.com

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List System Resources

What is my computer doing: Processes

The program is called “What’s my computer doing” and will list all active processes that use system resources and access your hard drive for example. Of course you can also use the built-in resource monitor to get all the information, but it’s filled with tons of other irrelevant information. The simplicity of the program is a great advantage to quickly find out what your computer is doing in the background.

But the program can do much more. Click on one of the listed processes and you’ll get information about the security and known problems, as well as the program path and version:

Program Security Analysis

So, let’s say you hear your computer working in the background and there’s a suspicious process, then you can see the path and choose from the actions:

  • Open program folder
  • Terminate process
  • Program properties
  • Scan for virsues online: with Kaspersky or VirusTotal.com