If you want to make sure your Windows 7 PC is secure, you have a lot of homework to do. But what if there was a tool that could do some of the work for you – automatically?

Disable Windows 7 Services IE Settings

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We’ve had a pretty darn long list of useful Windows 7 registry tweaks  – but it’s quite painful to download them one by one, so simply download this tool and you can apply a lot of the tweaks with one click.

Let’s take a look at what it can do to help you. And believe me, this list is quite long. It can disable a lot of controversial Windows 7 services for example prefetch, net crawling, pagefile at shutdown and much more. To make Windows 7 a bit more secure it can disable services such as Telnet, often used for exploits, or prevent to show a computer name in your network, but it can also tweak a lot of Internet Explorer settings. For example, the tool can rename UPLDDRVINFO.HTMl or disable ActiveX.

Here is the complete list of things it can do for you. Just take a quick look:

General Tweaks

  • Disable compressed folders
  • Disable registration wizard control
  • Disable error reporting
  • Disable LMHash
  • Disable WGA Notifications
  • Disable Windows Script Hosts
  • Disable Remote Assistance
  • Disable Null Session Connections
  • Disable File Association Web service
  • Disable Net Crawling
  • Hide computer name in networks
  • Disable Infection Reporting
  • Disable Media Sensing for TCP/IP
  • Claim Windows as registered
  • Disable prefetch
  • Enable fast shutdown
  • Delete pagefile at shutdown
  • Delete most recently used history at shutdown
  • Disable recent shares in Network places
  • Disable showing last user
  • Adjust for best performance of programs
  • Increase system responsiveness
  • Disable UAC
  • Modify default RDP port
  • Disable Microsoft SpyNet

Disable Windows 7 Services

  • Disable Error-Reporting
  • Disable Automatic Windows Updates
  • Disable Windows Security Center
  • Disable Windows Defender
  • Disable Time Sync
  • Disable Scheduled Task Service
  • Disable Indexing Service
  • Disable DCOM
  • Disable Telnet
  • Disable Universal Plug and Play
  • Disable UPnP Discovery
  • Disable Messenger Service
  • Disable NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing
  • Disable RPC Locator
  • Disable Remote Registry Service
  • Disable Firewall
  • Enable IMAPI CD Burning
  • Enable Windows Audio Service
  • Enable Windows Image Acquisition Service
  • Disable Apple Mobile Devices Service
  • Disable iPod Service
  • Disable Google Updater Service
  • Disable Google Desktop SAC

Internet Explorer

  • Disable Automatic Updates
  • Disable Scheduled Updates
  • Disable Error Reporting
  • Disable Integrated Windows Authentication
  • Increase Max Connections
  • Open Popups in new tabs
  • Delete Temporary files on exit
  • Disable auto completion for web forms and passwords
  • Disable Alexa logging
  • Disable MSN search
  • Disable Windows Live Search
  • Disable ActiveX
  • Disable Javascript
  • Disable SSL 2.0
  • Disable Phishing Filter
  • Disable Search Assistant
  • Disable 404 Search
  • Disable Home Page
  • Disable Prompt for Default Browser
  • Disable Information Bar alert
  • Uninstall IE7

Windows Media Player

  • Disable Automatic License Acquisition
  • Disable Automatic Usage Rights Download
  • Disable Upgrade Message
  • Don’t add Media to Library
  • Disable Metadata Retrieval
  • Disable Usage Tracking
  • Don’t send Player ID to content providers
  • Disable Automatic Updates
  • Don’t save data in Most Recent Used
  • Disable Automatic Codec Downloads
  • Import music as MP3
  • Disable DRM for imported music
  • Allow Deinstalltion

Windows Messenger

  • Uninstall Windows Messenger
  • Remove Messenger from Outlook Express

Desktop Search

  • Disable Windows desktop search
  • Uninstall Windows desktop search

Windows 7 Usability

  • Disable Balloon-Tips
  • Disable Diskspace Warning
  • Integrate command prompt into shell
  • Enable command prompt completion
  • Integrate Notepad into shell
  • Disable AutoRun
  • Disable Search Assistant
  • Disable Desktop Cleanup Wizard
  • Disable Task Grouping
  • Use Classic Start Menu
  • Use Classic Logon Window
  • Disable Metro Start Menu
  • Disable Shutdown Reason
  • Show contents of barricade folders
  • Show hidden files and folders
  • Show extension for *LNK
  • Show extension for .PIF
  • Show extension for *.SCF
  • Show extension for *.URL
  • Display full path in the title bar
  • Disable Thumbnail Caching
  • Disable Start Exit Sounds
  • Use Windows Classic Theme

Delete Files

  • Delete Internet Explorer Shortcuts
  • Delete Windows Mail Shortcut
  • Delete Recycle Bin Shortcut
  • Delete My Documents Shortcut
  • Delete My Computer Shortcut
  • Delete My Network Places Shortcut
  • Delete Control Panel Shortcut
  • Delete Windows Media Player Shortcut
  • Delete Windows Movie Maker Shortcut
  • Delete Windows DVD Maker Shortcut
  • Delete Windows Photo Gallery Shortcut
  • Delete Windows Live Messenger Download Shortcut
  • Delete Windows Fax and Scan Shortcut
  • Delete Windows Calendar Shortcut
  • Delete Windows Contacts Shortcut
  • Delete MSN Shortcut
  • Delete Windows Messenger Shortcut
  • Delete Windows Update Shortcut
  • Delete Welcome Center Shortcut
  • Delete Windows Media Center Shortcut
  • Delete Windows Ultimate Extras Shortcut
  • Delete Windows Meeting Space Shortcut
  • Delete Windows Catalog Shortcut
  • Delete Program Access Shortcut
  • Delete Microsoft bookmarks
  • Delete Sample Pictures
  • Delete Sample Music
  • Delete Sample Videos
  • Delete Sample Playlists
  • Delete Bitmaps
  • Delete Prefetch directory
  • Delete Update Cache

As you can see this is quite an extensive list. A lot of useful registry tweaks that we also recommended on our site e.g. to Increase Max Connections can be applied with a single click. Easy, huh?


You can grab this tool over at http://code.google.com/p/xpy/downloads/detail?name=xpy-1.2.3-bin.zip

The author also has various other tools at his site http://xpy.whyeye.org/other-tools/