Thanks to software like Autohotkey it is really easy to work with keyboards that lack special keys like the PrtScr/PrtScn key.

Taking Screenshot Without Prtscn Key

PRO TIP: A lot of keyboards that do not include a PrtScn key actually have a key-combination that allows you to take screenshots. For example FN + Pos1 is a popular combination for Logitech keyboards

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So, check your keyboard manual before you search for alternatives. It also may help to take a closer look at the icons on your keyboard, maybe there is a PrtScn key and you did not see it

1. Step Download and install Autohotkey from

2. Step If you install the sample, you will notice a green icon with a fat A on it in your system try, right-click on it and select Edit this script:

Edit This Script2

3. Step Now, somewhere below the comments enter this code:

Send {PrintScreen}

Replace F5 with any of the other F keys e.g. F1, F2, F3 if you don’t like it to be on F5 or if you are familiar with Authotkey use any other key of your choice.

4. Step Hit CTRL + S to save the document

5. Step Right-click on the green tray icon again and this time click on Reload This Script

6. Step Now, simply hit F5 or whatever key you specified and it will take a screenshot