More Windows 8 news for all Windows junkies! A few screens of the Windows 8 installer supposedly leaked onto the net. A few minor details hint at a possible 2012 release date, rather than 2013 as predicted by wzor.

Leaked Windows 8 Screens

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As always, take all Windows 8 news with a grain of salt. Everything is still speculative. I also want to express my dislike to anyone who says/thinks “Hey, it did not change at all!”. Windows 8 is still in a very early phase, possibly M3 (milestone 3). Milestones are only there to keep track of the current development, what has been achieved and what has to be done. There could be hundreds of milestones and beta phases (Some leaked documents speak of two public beta phases, but there will be closed beta tests as well).

Anyway, let’s take a look at the leaked screenshots by “Zukona”

Leaked Windows 8 Screenshots

Screenshots Might Not Be From Windows 8 Build

What makes me wary is the fact that the Russian leaker states that the screenshots are taken from “Windows 8” build 6.1.78xx
As you might know, Windows NT 6.x stands for the product progression. Windows 7 is using Windows NT 6.1, Windows 8 will supposedly be Windows NT 6.2 or Windows NT 7. At the CES2011, we saw a Windows 8 build for the very first time in public. A close-up shot revealed that the Windows 8 build they showed us was version 6.2.7867. You can see that close-up short here: Windows 8 Build 6.2.7867. Therefore, I assume that the installer screenshots could possibly not be of a Windows 8 build.

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