FelixJr, one of our readers wanted to know how to remove the recycle bin from his desktop in Windows 7. Windows 7 allows you to remove all system icons from your desktop and even add others that are disabled by default.

How to remove icons from desktop

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1. Step Right-click on your desktop and click on “Personalize“:
Personalize Windows 7

2. Step On the left side, click on Change desktop icons

Change desktop icons Windows 7

3. StepUncheck all items to remove the icons from your desktop and click on Apply. Here you can also add the Control Panel icon to your desktop:

Remove Icons from desktop in Windows 7

Now that you removed all icons from your desktop, you could add other things to your desktop. You could for example display system information like your MAC address or IP address on your desktop. If you want to find out how to do that, read the tutorial:

Display system information on desktop